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BladeDoc® Riding School

The BladeDoc Racing Riding School (BDRS) seeks to address the rider factors that are greatly associated with morbidity and mortality as a result of motorcycle crashes. Its focus is on on-road genre of riding. The school focuses on improving rider skill both for street riding and SBC championship racers.
BDRS Staff currently comprises of Dr David Karuri “BladeDoc” as Chief Instructor licensed with National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in Kenya and Josh Kiama (Alumnus BDRS), Nicholas Ndaiga and Moses Njathi as instructors and support crew. The BDRS addresses the gap by teaching a four-level curriculum that is designed for post-beginner training. This means that students will need to have been licensed by NTSA Class FG and have ridden for 3 months and above to get full benefit of the training. The school encourages that you come with your motorcycle.
BDRS has invested heavily in specialized equipment to achieve it training objective. This includes, but not limited to superbikes, advanced rigs, obstacles, cones etc The school provides review notes, standby ambulances services on site, snacks and refreshments.

The 2016 BladeDoc Riding School Calendar is OUT! Prepare to move your riding skill to the next level. Sign UP early to avoid missing slots. All you need is an open mind, Valid F&G license and Valid medical insurance.

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Curriculum and Training

BDRS is strict on enrolment to the school. ALL requirements are MANDATORY and must be VALID. The slots per class are limited to 12-15 to maintain an optimum learner-instructor ratio for quality service. Successful candidates are issued with certificates and can proceed to the subsequent level. Post-training individual assessments are issued. Remedial classes are available.

The Curriculum is adapted from Keith Code Twist of the wrist and California Superbike School. The complete course is divided into 4 levels. All students start at level one. Level 1 and level 2 are intermediate. Level 3 and level 4 are advanced. There are No beginner classes as of now.

For the best results from level 1, one must have 3-6 months experience on your motorcycle.
Level One addresses the six most common errors riders, novice or advanced, make and why.
Survival Reactions (SRs), Throttle control, Counter steering, Suspension and Traction, Rider Input 1, Vision and Braking (on the braking rig).

Tackling the problems of vision and riding through drills. Body positioning in different situations will also be addressed here
Cornering lines, Mind set in throttle control, steering for the rear, Reference points, body positioning (static) drills .

Level Three addresses proactive technical points on riding and racing, thoroughly covering how you interface with the bike, your body position choices and how these can affect the cornering process. This drills are covered in motion (lean, corner and drift ‘LCD’ Rig) on open variable surface. We will perfect all preceding skills as they all come together.

At Level Four we take a focused look at your skills and tie up the loose ends to your satisfaction. We design a specialized ride to fine tune your skill.



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