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BladeDoc® Innovation

BladeDoc® Innovations (BDInn) is one of the departments of the BladeDoc® Network. It was conceived in Jan 2016, but had started innovative work way back in 2014. Its mission is to conceive and develop creative, practical, cost effective prototypes that will improve the safety of bikers in Kenya and the region while providing sustainable income for the youth.

Currently, BDInn provides this service for the BladeDoc® Riding School (BDRS). The superbike training rigs (BladeDoc® Braking Rig, BladeDoc® body positioning Rig, BladeDoc® lean and Slide Cornering Rig ) are developed and produced with assistance of engineers and Jua-kali artisans. Components, where applicable, are source from local markets and assembled. Where need be, specialized pieces to the unit are imported from oversees.

Its safety vision for bikers has seen novel eco-friendly concepts like the ECO-Smart Biker® which will revolutionize the private and commercial sector biker markets. Its core function is to improve biker visibility and make the riders intentions known to other motorists, while providing geo-location and tracking services for private bikers and organized groups. These product has interest in motorcycle manufacturing, insurance, security firms, biker clubs and delivery companies. The product will be launched in June 2016.




Kenya and other developing countries have fast growing economies demanding more efficient
transportation modalities in ever more congested metropolis. This has fueled the drive towards
motorcycle use for myriad of functions including but not limited to,

  • The ‘BodaBoda’ which is the commercial PSV version of the motorcycle transport.
  • The ‘Office-going commuter’ a private owner who requires the convenience and efficiency of motorcycle transportation.
  • The ‘Business Solution’ which is a company that requires fast and economical local running eg security companies, deliver companies, insurance companies etc
  • The ‘Leisure Rider’ who winds down after a long week with out-of-town rides. These are organized into biker clubs.

These motorcycle users are all within the highly productive age group and it is clear that the economic loss from injuries and deaths is staggering. A major concern for all these rider groups is safety, despite
variations in disposable income.
It is with this background that BladeDoc® Innovations, conceptualized, actualized and delivered a motorcycling solution, The ECO-Smart Biker® product.

About ECO-Smart Biker®

ECO-Smart Biker® development began in 2014 and underwent improvements in design and technology to its current form. It is designed to address biker safety from the visibility and security or incident localization standpoint. ECO-Smart Biker® is a solar-powered, wireless Bluetooth technology garment worn by the rider over existing gear or attached to delivery boxes (paniers) that displays indicator and braking signals when activated from the motorcycle. The solar panel continually recharges the indicator unit therefore no need for battery replacement. The transmitter unit incorporates a GPS tracking and SOS module that enable live tracking of the motorbike. Further, it has enhanced security features that will be desirable to the entire spectrum of the bikers. The system can be controlled by SMS, a mobile app and online platform as well.
ESB® utilizes smart technology to power its systems so does not drain the power resources of the motorcycle.
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