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About BladeDoc® Network

Who we are

BladeDoc® History

BladeDoc® began as the street name for Dr. David Karuri Maina in 2008. Coined fondly by his fellow bikers due to the fact that he rode a Honda CBR900RR 1998 Fireblade “TRINITY” and that he was a medical doctor by profession. Subsequently, he qualified with a Masters Degree in General Surgery and the dream came alive; he now used a ‘Blade’ for Work and Play.

The BladeDoc® tag continued to grow and a major milestone was the commencement of superbike racing in Kenya, then known as The Superbike Trophy (TST) in 2013 and the formation of The Superbike Association(TSA) the following year. In this club, BladeDoc was the founding Vice-Chair and the Team Leader of BladeDoc Racing Team (BDRT); one of the seven teams in the Superbike Championship (SBC) which is a closed on-road racing event organized by TSA. It is at this point his prowess and team spirit and growing fan base necessitated the official registration of the BladeDoc® trademark.

BladeDoc® Departments

The BladeDoc® Networks encompasses the BladeDoc Racing Team(BDRT), BladeDoc Riding School (BDRS). BladeDoc Fan Club(BDFC) and BladeDoc Innovations(BDInn). There is continued expansion ongoing.

BladeDoc® CSR

BladeDoc® Racing TeamTM is involved in keeping our community’s riders safe.  We advocate safe riding practices, so much so that our mascot is always in full riding gear including a helmet, gloves and boots. Our long term plan includes teaching safe riding practices in schools and to boda boda riders.

We are affiliated with the BladeDoc® Riding School which trains racers and commuter riders. One of the alumni of the school is the fastest racer in the 750cc class of the SBC.

Our Mission

The BladeDoc® ethos is derived from three pillars which drive the mission; God, Family and Passion.


We believe that we are made in the image and likeliness of God. We draw values from the teachings in Christianity. God almighty has created each and every one of us with a purpose and made each one a custodian of a gift or talent, to be vessels of service to others, that his name be glorified. 1st Peter 4: 10.


Family is the core unit in a community. We don’t choose who we get, but the journey of getting along makes for ultimate satisfaction. This applies for nuclear families, extended family, and biker family. It is said, bikers don’t become friends, they become family. There is strength in needing others… not weakness. Closer home, ‘Daddies have to be daddies first’ ~ Matthew “Hulk” Muchilwa. The BladeDoc Venture is run by the selfless support of a core team of managers.


BladeDoc® inspires youth to be focused and passionate in all that they do. Our greatest asset is time, it is our most precious yet limited resource. We believe that in setting goals and planning to achieve them and in all PASSION TO OUTPERFORM SELF. As racers we are Gladiators; We may not live long….but we live Full.

Our Partners

Want to be a sponsor?

BladeDoc® is a brand with a unique opportunity for a brand looking to connect with the growing audience attracted by this family oriented sport’s passion, hype, trend and cool factor.  We will add value to your brand by:

Maximizing your presence through branding

We offer a wide range of branding options for your logo.

Ride experience days

An experience money cannot buy: a ride on the bikes for you and your clients.

Social media

Your brand will be promoted on our social media pages and we can avail content for yours.


Race day hospitality packages including guest passes, catering and trackside hospitality.

Promotions and activations

We are available for client promotions and can suggest some of our own.


Branded clothing will increase your brand visibility.


Title sponsorship for the team
Access to team paddock on race days*
Hospitality on race days X 6 guests
Brand the team in your color scheme
Ride experience days x 2 days per year
Promotions and activations X 2 per year

Brand placement on
• head, front fender, side and tail of team bikes
• team paddock
• social media
• racers’ suits, team uniforms & promotional materials

Access to team paddock on race days*
Brand the belly pan in your color scheme
Ride experience days x 1
Promotions and activations X 1 per year

Brand placement on
• belly pan of team bikes
• team paddock
• social media
• racers’ suits & promotional materials

Access to team paddock on race days*

Brand placement on
• team paddock
• social media
• racers’ suits & promotional materials

Oil and lubricants
Service and maintenance
Pit and paddock equipment
Energy drinks

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